Hivebent: Prologue

Here is the first episode of Hivebent, titled Episode 0, which you are certain is in no way confusing and could never conceivably cause any mixups whatsoever in the future. Maybe we should just call it the Prologue instead.

Prologue Credits

Hivebent: The Radio Play is based on Homestuck, Copyright © 2011 Andrew Hussie,

Voice Cast:

Narrator - Radiation

Karkat - Zigkirby

SFX Voice - Solaris

Textblock - KMSumrall

Crabdad - Kuraiou

Poetry Troll - Ledundead

Production team: Zigkirby, ArianaDream, Octopimp

Scriptwriting: Random Encounter, Ledundead, ArianaDream, SpyPoet, Mirakelsey, Gazpacho Soup

Script editing: Teleharmonic, Zigkirby, Kebs, catchTwentythree, Crumplehat, Kuraiou, RogerMexico, Nextian

Music team: Dacen, Jit, silence, MyUsernameIsMud, Nucleose

Sound effects: ArianaDream, Random Encounter, Alestance, silence, paterHippocampus, cynicalCanasian, SpyPoet, OrangeJuice223

Sound editing: ZingDev, Metman, Von Fawn, Jay-Arr, Bonzi77, Spleen, jovialRaconteur, SpyPoet, Zuki, ArianaDream

Casting: Dacen, Mirakelsey, Nextian, NotASenator, Random Encounter, Teleharmonic, Von Fawn, Beesmygod

Publicity: Solaris

Artistic director: Von Fawn

Promotional art: Mirakelsey

SFX obtained primarily from

Remixing and additional sound creation by the SFX team

Sounds created by the following users: adcbicycle, audione, CGEffex, club_sound, Connum, Corsica S, dankopp, DJ Chronos, edwin_p_manchester, FreqMan, Hell_s_Sound_Guy, Herbert Boland, horsthortensen, johnnypanic, melack, nirmatara, NoiseCollector, pauliep83, Razzvio, sacredmatt, scriptique, sinatra314, stickman

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