Hivebent: The Trailer

Welcome! This is the new podcast of Hivebent: The Radio Play. As fans of the radio play may know, not much was actually released before the project was closed down. We are hoping to release some of the nearly-finished material that had not been quite ready at the time the project was shut down. Keep an eye on this podcast for future updates! In the meantime, here is the official trailer for the radio play!

Trailer Credits

Hivebent: The Radio Play is based on Homestuck, Copyright © 2011 Andrew Hussie,

Scriptwriting/planning - ArianaDream, Random Encounter, Ledundead, Zuki, paterHippocampus, Zigkirby

Sound editing - ArianaDream

Editing review - Radien, Spleen, Zigkirby

SFX - ArianaDream, Random Encounter, Von Fawn

Music - silence

Promotional poster - MiraKelsey

Voice Cast:

Narrator - Radiation

Karkat - Zigkirby

Gamzee - Metman

Sollux - Degulus

Terezi - Red Pen

Doc Scratch - Teleharmonic

Vriska - Von Fawn

Kanaya - ArianaDream

Aradia - kira_zetsuei

Tavros- Teleharmonic

SFX obtained primarily from

Remixing and additional sound creation by the SFX team

Sounds created by the following users:

Abyssmal, Rock Savage, Timbre, CGEffex, Corsica_S, ERH, Tomlija, Stickinthemud, man, pauliep83, tobi123, joedeshon, daveincamas, Robinhood76, axiyee

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